Some people can remember from a to z any event or content. Some can learn something very quickly. You feel very sad because you can not go fast as he can. The brain structure of each person is different. Therefore, the learning process is different from everyone. The size of each brain is almost equal. So you are no less intelligent than others. The fact that a special and intelligent man is different from others is the way he thinks and recalls. If you want to be wiser and improve your memory performance, you can follow a few tips. Some tips are given below.

1. Regular physical exercise and movement:

Regular physical exercise is not only good for your health but also for your brain. Increases the intake of oxygen and adrenaline into your brain. Exercise increases the blood flow to that cholesterol does not block blood vessels. So it is useful to have enough blood in the brain. The more blood the brain reaches more oxygen more oxygen contains healthy brain cells. Neural cells neural system become more active in this process. If you can not exercise regularly your body weight and your body will become lazy. So try to do physical exercise and increase your physical exercise.

2. Decrease mental pressure and depression:

Depression and other psychological pressure are very active in reducing the storage capacity. Anger, anxiety, or stretching makes your brain paralyzed for some time that could have an impact on the memory decline of areas; Depression slows down the activity of Blaine. Regenerate cholesterol levels in the blood. If you increase the level of cholesterol. Reduces brain activity. Mainly hippo campus called part of the human brain used to store the short-term memory affected by it. So try to reduce all mental pressure, including depression.

3. Ensure enough sleep:

A mature man needs to sleep 8 hours a day. This is the most important element for improving memory. When the sleeping brain man restore the previous report. In addition, he demanded the brain charger sleep. It allows the brain to store new memories for the next day or actions. A deep sleep makes your brain stronger. So try to get enough sleep every day. After a cool dream feel more energy. Then you can easily understand and very simple complex thing.

4. Write down everything:

Try to write all things, you forget. They say that writing is twenty times more effective than reading. Each time you write, something increases the intake of oxygen in your brain. So write in your diary or personal emails or blogs. It also helps you remember things, forget.

5. Listen to music:

They will be surprised how they help the songs. But it is true. In research scientists discovered that when you listen to music while you watch something stored in your device section in your brain. And every time you hear this song you can just hear this thing.

6. Eat nutritious food:

Food nutrient-rich foods available. Help your brain develop. Green vegetables, fresh fruits, fortified protein foods like meat, eggs are very important to the brain. Drink fresh and healthy water. Also try to eat foods that contain minerals. It is essential for the brain. Mainly sodium, potassium is the key to the nervous system. Avoid alcohol, drugs and other chemicals that create the illusion. These chemicals directly affect the work of the brain.

7. Teach others:

If you want to learn something, then you should try to teach others after you know something about this thing. This will help you fill your lack of knowledge. It also creates a strong sense for this matter.

8. Compare complex issue with easy one:

If you can not remember, or remember anything, then you should compare with the simple things. For example, if you see these numbers 1265490 is very hard to remember. But if we compare these numbers with your phone number, you can easily remember these numbers.

9. Recite:

If you are very difficult to feel like learning something to recite many times. It will be stored in the device memory. Then it will be easy to remember.

10. Make it too many parts:

A great big thing or is very hard to remember. Share this thing in many small pieces. Because it is very easy to remember the little things. For example: saving 457.932 is very difficult, but 457 and 932 is easy to remember