The relationship with the man and woman is God gifted. The most important things in a relationship that every woman wants is really very simple. Every woman wants respect, time, joy, really not much. If you are completely confused about the things women want in a relationship, read the 9 most important things in a relationship that every woman wants to make it easier for you to make.

Every woman wants a man who can be spontaneous, and can be able to leave everything to them. Spontaneity adds something new and interesting relationship. Spontaneity is absolutely one of the most important things any woman wants in a relationship. It is easy to be with a bouquet of flowers and tell you to think about it.

The second most important thing any woman wants in a relationship is respect. No matter what kind of relationship or friendship you have with a woman, you must ensure this respect. Say the truth at all times and situations, believe me, they respect you back. Always try to strengthen their relationships –

If you have a relationship with a woman, you should always remember surprises! Surprise with gifts, travel or even words you say you know a little “I love you” at the right time slipped the heart can really melt!

One might think that men are the only ones who want sex. However, you should know that women like men want so much, but they are not so obvious about it. The woman must be comfortable with the man and really be attracted to him. These are very important things in the relationship.

Undoubtedly, the novel is one of the most important things any woman wants in a relationship. A beautiful walk along the beach, a dozen roses, one written just for her song, these are just some ideas for you and your loved ones! Be creative!

Another important thing that every woman wants in the relationship is time. Women do not want to overthrow sex, travel, marriage. Be patient, know her and tell her daughter all her secrets when she is ready!

The biggest problem occurs in most relationships the misunderstanding is. You must remember all the time that the communication is missing, is really the way to misunderstandings. Every woman wants a good relationship, communication that will benefit both.

If a woman dreams of the real person, one of the most important things you want in the relationship is the consistency. This woman is looking for a man who has not only all the qualities he wanted, but also a man who is in harmony. Believe me, every woman wants someone who is treated with great consistency, not just at times.

And the last important thing every woman wants in a relationship is fun! You should not take all seriously the time, should have some humor and fun. If you are not having fun with your husband, why are you with him?

Some of these things every woman in a relationship wants to be so common, right? Men believe me, these things are not difficult to achieve, especially if you really love your girlfriend! So girls who are names of some other things that you want in a relationship, we will be happy to know.