Girls always want everyone to look fascinated. And they are aware of skin care. But consciousness is useless when it comes to the meaning when they decompose. In our case are also today for some natural beauty tips that will be in accordance with its soft, smooth and radiant skin.

Tips 1:

To clear the skin and bright, use a mixture of lemon juice and organic herbs, which is on the face and neck and leave for 10 minutes and wash. It is the exercise of your facial acne and black spots are removed and the skin should be clean.

Tips 2:

Drink at least two liters of water a day to drink. Appropriate amounts of water are removed from the feeling of dry skin and the skin becomes soft.

Tips 3:

If you have acne on face and acne with cotton, tea tree oil can be applied successively for several hours. Every evening before going to bed, vitamin E oil on the affected area apply for 1 hour.

Tips 4:

Very quickly the color pink skin bring with olive oil, coconut and jujube and a few drops of it over the cheeks and the color of the bones from the forehead, apply slowly.

Tips 5:

Good sleep is beneficial for the skin. Use the skin care silk pillows. Clean your dream and your skin becomes elastic.

Tips 6:

Keep the skin smooth and soft complement sea cod liver by using elements. This creates a mixture of lemon juice and cod liver oil can be applied to the body.

Tips 7:

Green vegetables are an important natural component of the skin. It can be cooked or eaten as juice. If you want to eat eat like any cup of juice on a regular basis. This will allow the light color of your skin and your digestive system.