During still week of the planet is the year before the daughters of shame, to determine that their children continue to feed publicly. It’s strange that men are publicly urinated but girls can not block publicly!

Although we tend to be in the year 2016, the public violence is frowned, directed, and embarrassed. Girls are forced to go home after birth, regardless of the explanation. And that the baby feel hungry. And no, the return to the house to speed up behind locked walls is the choice of associate degree!

The theme this year will determine the world to mark the week of breast-feeding (1-7 August), about breastfeeding is a key element in the United States of America to ensure how our success has been investigated since the beginning of life. And continue on the path of mutual respect and care for the planet, we tend to share. Nursing is publicly stigmatizing the planet to the maximum amount in Asian country, which is too conservative.